Sheet Music

Fingering Chart: Wait, you haven't noticed my Ultimate Bassoon Fingering Chart, yet? Get it! 

Flicking A, I just Need to Vent, Half-Hole!- Get a grip on  flicking/venting/half holes quickly with this condensed set of exercises. 

Scales with Solfeggio: By practicing scales one half octave at a time, and hearing solfege syllables as you do it, scales become  more meditative and relaxing, while at the same time more useful in training your ear and perfecting your fundamental technique

Thirds Shmirds: A similar approach to practicing thirds. 

Warm Up: This is a simple warmup that is meant to be simple! By focusing on smooth fingers and air, I also find this useful as a diagnostic for whether or not I am  actually finished warming up. 

Teach Your Tonge to Trounce Tonguing: My main tonguing exercise is based off the warm up. It is meant to be simple to play in order to focus on efficient and faster tonguing


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