Lessons over the internet?!

I'm not going to sucker you into over-priced Skype Lessons!   
Nothing can compete with in-person private lessons. The audio quality over programs such as Skype make it impossible to hear subtleties in articulation, dynamics, and fingerings. Bassoon lessons are even more at a disadvantage over the internet because fingerings are very complicated and difficult to see/correct. The reed is also a HUGE issue.  If your private teacher is not able to work with you on your reeds, then you are wasting a great deal of your efforts in practicing and therefore wasting money on lessons! 

I offer virtual lessons as a supplement to private study and  practice. 
My virtual lessons consist of a submitted recording of a concert piece, etude, or excerpt that the student has already put a great deal of practicing into. Instead of attempting to work on things that are hindered by technology, I take advantage of recording technology to dissect a performance and offer ways to improve it. The process of recording one's self, and then hearing it played back with thoughtful  commentary offers students a fresh new way to hear themselves and make progress.  A virtual lesson is not meant to replace private lessons, but is a great opportunity to be more prepared for your next audition, performance, or jury (playing test).  Virtual lessons will posted (anonymously if preferred) to my Youtube channel, allowing further comments and discussion from others. 

Virtual lessons are open to players of all skill levels,  regardless if studying privately or not, and cost less than a regular lesson. Please contact me for information on rates and to set one up!

But I can't find a teacher anywhere near me that specializes in bassoon, can I get regular lessons online?
​​​​​Ok. Maybe. There are many students who live in an area where bassoon teachers are hard to find, or where the ones that can be found are not actually bassoonists and/or cannot offer good advice on fingerings and reeds. Because I truly feel that the value of a Skype lesson is about half that of a private lesson, I charge a lower rate,  and my availability is limited.  If you are having trouble finding quality lessons in your area, please contact me about online lessons.